92nd Annual Sacramento Camellia Show
March  5 & 6, 2016
Memorial Auditorium, 1515 J Streets
Sacramento, CA  95814

2016 Camellia Show


  • The 92nd Annual Camellia Show will be March 5th & 6th, 2016.  Many great memories over the past 92 years.  Come to the show and share some of yours!  This is the oldest camellia show in the United States.


             Open March 5th, Saturday, 3PM to 6PM            

              Open March 6th, Sunday, 10AM to 5PM                


Things to do and see at this year's show:

 Beautiful Camellias of many sizes and colors!

Spectacular trophy table with winning blooms!

                                                              The "Paint In", held this year on Sunday, March 6th
                                                            2016 button, as well as other collector buttons for sale

                                     The winning photos from our Photo Contest are amazing and a "must see"
                         The Floral Design Guild will have beautiful floral designs featuring camellias              
                                              A display by our Sister City, Matsuyama, Japan

        There will be over 200 camellia plants for sale at the Show.  Many of these varieties are not available for purchase locally.




 The Show Schedule for Camellia Society of Sacramento's show March 5th and 6th            




The Judges Symposium was a success.  Many new judges to start our Camellia season.

Thank you Don Bergamini and Don Lesmeister for a job well done.                       



 Camellia Shows of Northern California
                       2016 Show Schedule                          



February 6th
Northern California Camellia Council Mini Show


John's Incredible Pizza
2225 Plaza Parkway, Modesto, CA                                           

Barbara Bort, NCCC,President
February 13 - 14
San Francisco Peninsula Camellia Show  

CAB Community Activities Bld, 
1400 Roosevelt Avenue,
Redwood City, CA

Linda Kancev, 650-574-1220

February 20 - 21
Camellia Society of Santa Clara

Community Recreation Center, 
969 Kiely Blvd., 
Santa Clara, CA

John Mendoza 408-249-5606
February 27 Open No Show Scheduled
March 5 & 6, Camellia Society of Sacramento Show 

Memorial Auditorium
1515 J Street
Sacramento, CA  
Don Lesmeister - 916 967-8420
Julie Vierra
- 916-371-2174 
March 12-13
Northern California Camellia Society Show

St. Andrews Celebration Center, 1601 Mary Drive,
Pleasant Hill

Contact:  Don Bergamini, 925-229-0775 or Bob Ehrhart, 925-937-0188                                     
March 19 - 20
Camellia Society of Modesto Show 

Ernest & Julio Gallo Administrative Building, Modesto, CA Contact: Peter Warner, 209-576-0831 or Cindy Cook


To find directions on how to complete an entry blank needed to enter each of your camellia blooms, click here.  


 Show Tips from the Top

 By Don Lesmeister

(Important tips from expert camellia grower and shower, Don Lesmeister. 
Everything you wanted to know to win trophies at the camellia shows

 DON’T judge your blooms in your yard…take them to the show.

    1. Start your bloom entry plan the week before the show.
    2. Pin back leaves with clothes pins, disbud and prune if necessary.
    3. Move container plants to protected areas.
    4. Read show schedule.
    5. Clean boxes and get tools (brushes, tweezers, cotton etc.) ready.
    1. Remove leaves next to bloom from plant.
    2. Get cup/Perlite/sand and preservative ready-use correct cup size.
    3. Put bloom in preservative within 8 seconds of cutting.
    4. Put bloom in container surrounded by cotton, batting, etc. (Do not use newspaper or Easter grass.
    5. Do not clean blooms until you get to the show.
    6. Clean leaves with milk or cream or mayonnaise (don’t leave TOO shiny).  Put leaves in separate baggies by size of leaf.
    1. Walk the show…See what the competition is.  Decide to enter single or trays etc.
    2. Gather up necessary trays,
    3. Clean bloom
    4. Put out entry card, place bloom & cup on table so only bloom names shows.
    5. Slice leaf under damaged petal if flower is red. (does not apply to white or pink blooms)
    6. Put damaged blooms in rear of class.
    7. If your bloom is BEST, put next to next best bloom.
    8. If your bloom is NEXT best, put far away from best bloom.
    9. Tilt the bloom slightly so it “smiles” at the judges.
    10. If bloom is not fully open, push gently with cotton Q-tip, blow on the petals to fully open.
    11. Use cotton, tissue etc, to stage bloom.
    12. Place bloom in middle of table if there are few entries.
    13. Stage every bloom as if it were the ONLY one you have.
    14. When finished, go over show again to review competition/single or tray entries and collections.
    1. Gas up the car/check oil/clean windows etc, a couple of days before the show.
    2. Get directions to the show location.
    3. Don’t drive in the slow, bumpy, truck lane of the highway.
    4. Bring heavy coat or blanket in winter as you do not want to turn the heater on.

                                                                                                                 Good Luck!


In the 1990s Camellia Day at the State Capitol replaced the longer festivals. The event is

sponsored by the California State Capitol Museum and the California State Capitol Museum Volunteer
Association. Each year volunteers hand out corsages made with flowers picked from the Camellia
Grove on the Capitol grounds. This year Camellia Day will be held at the California State


A gradual shift from the use of natural, living memorials like the grove to manmade monuments can

be seen nearby. The Camellia Grove now forms a backdrop for a statue of Father Junípero Serra

installed in 1965. Serra, a Franciscan friar, established the first California missions in the 1700s.